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FlipIt Drone Beacon

Use FlipIt beacons to make solo or team flying more fun.

Build a 3D race track

Place FlipIt beacons around a room or outdoor space to define a multi-level race course.  See how fast you can flip the color on all the beacons.

The best part is you can race day or night.  Illuminated FlipIt beacons not only show the way, but let you know if you made the gate.


Play Capture the flag

Challenge a friend to a head-head race to capture as many flags as possible. Arrange an even number Red and Blue FlipIt beacons around a room. Start a timer, then race to flip beacons to your color, while your friend tries to flip them back. The winner is the one with the most flags when time runs out.

User Guide

It can't get simpler than one button and one LED

Install Batteries

The FlipIt uses two AAA Bateries.  For great performance use a pair of Akaline batteries.  Insert the cells according to the symbol inside the battery holder.

Self Test

When you install batteries the LED will Pulse White and then fade to off. The FlipIt will then begin normal operation, with a slowly pulsing beacon.


Hold 4 Power

To turn your FlipIt ON, Press and Hold the button until the beacon starts pulsing Red or Blue.

To Turn your FlipIt OFF, Press and Hold the button until the Green LED fades to off.

Click 2 Flip

To Flip the color of your Beacon, just click the buton.

Let's get Technical

Just some FlipIt features explained.

Audio Processing

FlipIt uses a phone microphone and audio amplifiers to get great sensitivity and dynamic range. It adapts to ambient noise as it can listens for your drone to fly by.  FlipIt will detect a small Drone if it passes within about a foot of the beacon.

Daytime LED

FlipIt's single multicolor LED is normally used on outdoor video screens, so it's super bright.


Long Battery Life

FlipIt uses an ultra low power processor, and other power saving strategies to get over 100 hours of active use, plus month's of standby time.

Compact size

FlipIt is the same size as its AAA Battery holder, so it's really small (2" x 1" x 1/2").  Carry a bunch in your pocket and build the ultimate course.

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